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Missing Teeth » Dentures

If you have a few or all of your teeth missing, one solution is to have a denture. A denture is made from hard-wearing material that mimics the look of teeth and gums to give you mouth a natural appearance. Your denture will be made to fit snugly on your gums and you will be able to remove it for cleaning.

Dr Razaq has great experience in providing dentures of the highest quality. His experience in hospital allowed him to treat the most difficult cases, those too difficult for normal general dental practitioners. Dr Razaq can create natural looking dentures that are secure whilst looking fantastic. Furthermore the patient can interact with world class technicians to allow this.

In some cases like the one below dentures can provide a smile makeover

In some cases like above complete dentures can provide a face lift! Many denture wearers find that their face and lips have collapsed giving a much more aged look. The great news is that this can be instantly reversed!

When you wear a denture for the first time it may get some getting used to when speaking or eating and chewing. It is important that you take extra care in your hygiene regime so that you can avoid bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. The hygienist will be able to show you how to best take care of your denture and gums and will tell you about specialised brushes you can use to do this.

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